Twenty years ago, our company entered the niche market of transporting Temperature Sensitive Cargo. This we have mastered with every haul, we continously and stringently monitor our Genset application. To date, clients utilizing our refrigerated transportation services, have not incurred any loss.
Sydtrans refrigerated units are driven by specially trained drivers, skilled in Trip Analysis Control Data Monitoring. Clients are ensured that their commodity is delivered under strictest  temperature controlled conditions.

The transportation of 6M containers and 12M containers nationally is our forte. Varying tonnages are easily accommodated by the use of specialized equipment in our fleet. SAFE,ON TIME, EVERY-TIME deliveries of clients containers is a non-compromise policy for us. Superior service with visibily, exceptionally well maintained Truck-Tractors is our pride. These Emissions-Free vehicles ENSURE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. Our drivers possess valid Professional Public Driving Permits and have over 5 Years of Long Haul Experience. These drivers are aufait with all national corridors and inland packing destinations.

Hazardous Cargo is in a category commanding extremely high risk. Safety is paramount to us.
All drivers at Sydtrans are qualified and highly skilled in the handling of hazardous cargo. Certification is annual and training is done on a bi-annual basis







We also specialise in the transportation of bonded cargo. We ensure that all cargo is delivered hassle free and safely to all points of destination.
Sydtrans WILL deliver timeously Bonded Cargo. SARS Customs check have always ensured the same time release of cargo.

Warehousing of goods and storage of containers is a special service available to all our clients.

Sydtrans ensures BREAK-BULK CARGO is well protected from moisture and water. The Tarping Strategy used, ensures the Cargo is protected exceptionally, even in wet weather Transit.



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We aim to maintain our continuous growth as an integral part of the transport industry in South Africa. We will continue to provide reduced emissions vehicles to get your product safely, on time, to the required destinations. There is no cost compromise when it comes to the safety of client’s valuable goods.

To provide premium service in the transport industry of South Africa. Steming from our logo: “FOR THE BEST IN LONGHAUL”.

• Identify our customers’ needs and provide an efficient, quality service that will satisfy their requirements • Monitoring and measuring our performance and communicating these service levels to our customers • Adopt total quality management as a way of life throughout the company • Achieve and maintain an ISO 9001:2008 Certification as a basis for continual improvement in the way we run our business • Exceed customer expectations by performance indications from customer feedback • Provide products and services that meet agreed specifications, statutory requirements first, every time, without error and at optimum costs • Actively train and encourage all employees to participate in our quality standards • Working with suppliers to ensure they assist us in meeting our quality standards • Use quality management to drive down costs by reducing wastage, failure and rework thereby improving job satisfaction and profitability.










Sydtrans (PTY) LTD was formed in 1991 and commenced business as a closed corporate amidst fierce competition and has since persevered to overcome its rivals by the quest for OUSTANDING SERVICE and RELIABILITY. The closed corporate, then, specialized in the hauling of general cargo and containerized goods.
Over its 23 years history as a family business the company which now converted to a (PTY) LTD has diversified into several spheres: The Fleet is equipped to carry cargo requiring Gensets, Refrigerated cargo requirement, general containers, hazardous cargo and the fleet is certified to carry cargo in bond.

Sydtrans continuously strives to keep up with technological developments, to ensure SAFETY of client’s commodity in transit. Vehicles are monitored by a GLOBALLY utilized state of the art SATELLITE TRACKING SYSTEM. Clients requiring REAL-TIME updates are given tracking reports INSTANTLY.
Safety is key, hence Sydtrans has engaged the services of a risk manager who ensures that the company policy on driving strategy to include resting per road traffic inspectorate is strictly adhered to.
Further, cold chain maintenance is prioritized with the use of a genset as a norm. This prevents the break of the cold chain from port of loading to point of delivery.
Selection and choice of drivers is a rigorous process at Sydtrans. Skilled drivers with extensive experience are put through an induction process spanning a week. Successful candidates are accepted as per company quality policy.

Two qualified technicians with N5 and N4 mechanical engineering qualifications ensure the full maintenance of vehicles at the workshop. Vehicles are well maintained from horses to trailers.
A qualified boilermaker, fabricator, welder and spray painter ensure road worthiness of trailers. Out of Durban corridor , trailers are maintained by Henred.

Sydtrans has acquired a second depot which serves as a storage/warehouse facility. This HIGH-WALLED depot is CCTV monitored and 24 hourly patrolled by armed security.
Clients utilizing the reefer commodity equipment have the option of storing these reefer containers at the plug-in facility. Sydtrans is registered with the PPECB and has a 100 plug-point facility. Sydtrans own 500 KVA generator kicks in as back up power. This circumvents the problem of loss of temperature in the cool chain due to power outages.




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